Woodland Park Zoo, Jaguar Cove 

Seattle, Washington

On June 26, 2003, Jaguar Cove opened and was hailed as the first naturalistic exhibit of its kind. It was also "Gordo's" first opportunity to experience the fragrance of a diversity of plant materials, walk on grass, logs and sandy beaches; explore caves; paw into fish-inhabited ponds; and stalk humans at ground level and overhead--a bit confused by their protection behind glass. Visitors enter the exhibit through a 28' high rotted-out Ceiba Spire to a position under a 90' long fallen tree. Glass spans vertically from trunk to ground surface and runs its length to create the vantage point for up-close Jaguar encounters. The 4000 sf woven wire mesh enclosure is designed as a breeding facility.
Project credits: John Swanson, Principal, Lead Designer; Fred Redmon, Project Manager, Architect while with Portico,Inc.; Construction of Artificial Exhibitry by Cemrock, Inc.