Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium, Clouded Leopard Exhibit

Tacoma, Washington

When construction is completed, the Clouded Leopard, Cat’s of the Canopy exhibit will become the gateway to the Asian Forest Sanctuary at Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium. In their native Thailand Tropical forests, these secretive cats are only rarely seen – and then, most often in the tree canopy where they are well adapted. At the zoo, visitors will get a privileged glimpse into the world of these endangered animals through an overhead viewing window, which enables close-up leopard sightings directly above. Other, more intimate views are provided through floor to ceiling glass into a heated cave and along the gravelly stream bed that winds through the simulated tropical understory. The Twenty-foot high mesh enclosure is attached to an indoor and outdoor holding facility that will be used to breed the cats. the visitors will be able to learn about the breeding program connections PDZA has with Asian conservation programs though video and graphic materials as well as discussions at their cub viewing room. 

Project credits: John Swanson, Principal, Project Landscape Architect; Lee Roberts, Architectural Designer; Haley Nam, Landscape Exhibit Designer; Sue Nicol, Horticulturist