Mayflower Properties Ski Resort

Wasatch County, Utah

Mayflower Properties is a 5000 acre planned unit four-season recreation community built along the slopes of the Wasatch Mountains adjacent to Deer Valley Ski Resort. Since the construction of the Jordanelle Reservoir (shown in the adjacent plan) was a possibility, two complete plans were developed - one with and one without the reservoir. The development minimizes the impact of its 2500 units by nestling structures among stands of scrub oak and aspen. A community-wide open space, recreation and trail network connects each of the neighborhoods, which include a ski village, tennis, equestion and day-use neighborhoods. The plans were developed in conjunction with Rich Rosine (deceased), and  Bingham Engineering.
Project credits: John Swanson, Planner, as Sole Proprieter of Design Exchange, with Bingham Engineering, Inc.