JSDESIGN STUDIO is committed to designing projects in a manner which:
    • strengthens our connections to the land and sea, people, plants and animals;
    • increases our understanding of their interactive importance; and
    • furthers our resolve through design to act responsibly to protect, preserve, and enhance the world around us.

To this end, JOHN SWANSON DESIGN STUDIO was formed in 2003 based on thirty years of design and planning experience. As a landscape and architecturally based firm, we contribute to the team through design solutions which are built on an understanding of: 

  • Place - the physical, cultural, biological and visual characteristics which define each site; 
  • Program  - the requirements in space, materials, operations, message and scope that ensures that the function and buildability of the place will not be overpowered by a predetermined design style or personal whim;
  • Product - the aesthetic, style and design palette which ultimately "fits" its context and purpose; and
  • Participant - the user, operator, owner and consultant that engage in the dialogue that ultimately draws place, program, product and participant into a final form solution.

This form gives structure and enables programs to be carried out and the mission to be achieved.  It is a synthesis process that is interdisciplinary in scope, cyclical in nature, reliant on client and team interaction and rooted in the ethic of making a difference in the way we see, use and describe the world and people around us.