Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium, Red Wolf Conservation Center
Tacoma, Washington

The Red Wolf Woods exhibit tells the story of the recovery of the red wolf from near extinction. While walking along a wooded path, visitors encounter steel sign posts which mark significant dates and events in the red wolf’s story. Panels at overlooks provide information about the key players in their recovery efforts. The path culminates at the Red Wolf Conservation Center. Here, visitors can watch footage of red wolves being released into the wild and learn about the breeding program at PDZA. The red wolf graphics showcase the beauty of this species through large, close-up photographs, highlighting what was almost lost.
Project credits: John Swanson, Principal, Project Landscape Architect; Carly Mendelssohn, Interpretive & Architectural Designer; Haley Nam, Landscape Designer; Sue Nicol, Horticulturist; Sherry Smith, Content Developer
Photos credits: 
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