Nature Centers: List of Projects
Arctic Interagency Visitor Center 
Coldfoot, Alaska (John Swanson, Principal, Interpretive Planner and Exhibit Designer; Carrie Culp, Project Manager, while with Portico, Inc.; Steve Keller, Architect, USKH, Inc.)

Barn Beach Reserve Visitor Center

Leavenworth, Washington (John Swanson, Lead Interpretive Site Designer as Landscape Consultant to Bassetti Architects, Inc.)

Blair Audubon Center
Naples, Florida (John Swanson, Principal-in-charge while with Portico, Inc.; Paul Sorenson, Project Manager, Architect with Portico, Inc.)

Canoe Island: Ecological Preserve & Learning Center
San Juan County, Washington (John Swanson, Principal, Lead Designer; Tony Case, Project Manager, Architect while with Portico, Inc.)

Explore Tahoe: An Urban Trailhead
South Lake Tahoe, California (John Swanson, Principal, Lead Designer; Kathleen Bean, Interpretive Designer)

Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center
Juneau Alaska (John Swanson, Interpretive Planner, Exhibit Designer, while with Portico, Inc.; Kevin Ryden, Project Manager, Architect while with Portico, Inc.) 

Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium: Red Wolf Conservation Center

Tacoma, Washington (John Swanson, Principal, Project Landscape Architect; Carly Mendelsohn, Architectural Designer; Haley Nam, Landscape Designer; Sue Nicol, Horticulturist; Sherry Smith, Content Developer)