PDZA: Rocky Shore
Tacoma, Washington

The Rocky Shore Complex is credited as a forerunner of replicated  naturalistic habitat for marine mammals and alcids. It features a northwest forested switch back trail that descends  through rocky cliffs to the rugged  shore edge below.  Access through a sea arch provides entry to a central underwater viewing room that's  surrounded on all sides by water. Full width floor to ceiling glass enables up-close viewing of typical coastal settings, including: the rocky seamount shores with its  sea lions, walruses and  tide pools;  kelp forest filled with playful sea otters; cliff edge nesting puffins and rhinoceros auklets; and open water areas for dolphins/beluga whales. The construction of the artificial rockwork was by Jolly Miller.
Project credits: John Swanson, Lead Designer; Johnpaul Jones, Principal; Kai Mikami, Project Architect while with Jones & Jones